martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Last weekend..!!!

I talk about my last weekend ..!!
Yesterday I cleaned my room because I wanted . then I taked a shower .On saturday I visited to my best friend jenny and later we to dance in her house . But I didn't stop because I liked to dance .

What about you? what did you do the last weekend? writte a comment ...

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

My healthy ..!

in this lesson we are talking about our healthy and the differents ways to enjoyed!! and what problems we have.. and what should we do I that case..

I think I'm a healthy person but something I feel bad, like everybody.
I always have a headchache I have to take some medicines.
I eat everything including vegetables and fruits.
I like to play sports, but I don't a lot of time.

I sayed I'm a healthy person and you..?? you are a healthy person?? tell us..

My talent..!

In this lesson we studied about talents.

I love cooking desserts, my favorite dessert is "pie de limon" , in all the specialoccasions of my family and myfriends I prepare my delicious "pie de limon " to share with them toprepare them my recipe is very easy.
what's your favorite talent? wrute a comment ..=P

months , days and years ..!

His name is Francisco , his favorite month is march because is his birthday . his favorite day is friday because is finally of the week . his birthday on march 20th . his was born on march 20th 1989 in maracaibo .. his favorite celebrate chinita fair it's on november 18th because have drink beer . he's going to disco and going to visit your parents .


Her name is valeria ramirez , she usually has breakfast in the morning at 8:00am , she always eats sandwish for breakfast never eats fish, meet, fruit salad .. etc...

she never eats in a restaurant to breakfast and drink the some thing in the morning .

she never make lunch for other people , ever eats dinner with your family

her favorite fruit is strawberry . she has a different breakfast on weekends .

My favorite celebration..!

In this lesson about my favorite celebration...
My favorite celebration of the year is Chinita's FairThis celebration is very important in Maracaibo. It is on November. it last eight days and we waiti for this celebration all year round because Marabinos enjoy with all kind of cultures and activities likeparades art exhibitions, popular dances, custom contests, sport events, bigconcerts, the orchid (orquidea) in "La plaza de toros", ignition of lights inBella vista avenue.I share with my family and my friends, it is very exciting.
what's you favorite celebration? what are you doing? write comment ...!

My favorite food...!!

In this lesson I describe my favorite food and diet.
I eat litle or never
ice cream, hamburguer,chocolat e , chops,onions
Sometimes and usually pasta , bread, candy , fish
brocoli, beef,cheese, tomatoes, pine aplle, chiken , strawberries, yogurt
I like to eat for breakfast some of the following things: Cereal, Bread, Cheese, Pine Apple, Orange juice; For lunch like to eat: Chicken, Pasta, Tomatoes, Lettuce, sometimes Meat, Rice and Fish; and for dinner, if I am hungry I eat something out of my house or I can eat something fast in my home. I love the homemade food.
I sometimes eat pasta ,bread,candy, maybe fish and rice although I don't them like very much.I never eat onions , eggs . I don´t them like very much .I need to eat more fruit,fish,vegetabl es,meat and protein .I eat properly BUT SOOOOOMETIMES I DON'T EAT WELL!!
What is your favorite food? write a comment!